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One of the most important fundraisera��s is the Christmas Post which we run as a service to the Town of Morpeth every year.

This year is no exception and we expect thousands of cards to arrive in our a�?sorting officea�? to be stamped and sorted ready for delivery by the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

This year we have re-applied the principle of Beaver Scouts having their own street, Cubs Scouts having their own estate and Scouts having somewhere in Morpeth. In all cases this has been applied “where possible” and “as near as possible to the family home”. There are some estates where we have a glut of members whereas there are other parts of Morpeth where we have no members at all.

Other considerations such as siblings, the length of streets, the number of houses on a street and the expected post size have all been taken into consideration. This amounts to many hours work by the organisers but it will not be perfect, entirely consistent or satisfy everyone. If you do have an issues with your assigned round please do not just leave it – please do contact Tadalis sx online calculator and I will work to try and solve the issues.

I am pleased to confirm that some “out of towners” have stepped forward to help out which increases the number of people taking part to 121. Considering that the Group was only 60 strong a few years agoA�then this year’s post should, I hope, be easier on everyone.

The cost of delivery is 25p per card and there are post boxes located at Barclaya��s Bank, Costa Coffee, Morrisons and Treacle Wool Shop.

The service begins 1st December and the last collection is Wednesday 19th December with all cards being delivered before Christmas.