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Where do the badges go?

1 Sep 2013

Below are diagrams for each uniform to help you. To summarise, the identification badges go on the right arm (name tape, district/county and leadership stripes), the purple world badge goes above the heart on the left breats. The “challenge” badges go on the right breast and the “activity” badges go on the left arm.
Click on the images below to …

How much is subs and what does it pay for?

1 Sep 2013

Subscriptions (or subs) is currently A?28 per term.
This figure is decided upon by the charitable trustees of 4th Morpeth Scout Group, known as the Can you get astelin over the counter Executive Committee (Or Exec).
Everyone involved in 4th Morpeth is an unpaid volunteer. The money raised from subscriptions is spent purely on the delivery (and support) of an exciting …

Who do I make my cheque for subs/camp/activity payable to?

1 Sep 2013

Cheques are the preferred method of payment.
As a general rule all payments for subscriptions, camps, activities, transport, and group branded clothing should be made to “4th Morpeth Scout Group”.
Very occasionally an activity may be paid directly to the supplier but these will be separately communicated (and in any case we would still accept payment to the 4th)
Cheques should never be …

Where can I buy the uniform?

28 Aug 2013

Buy Online
You can buy the uniform for all sections online at the Northumberland County site at https://scoutuniform.org.uk/
or from National HQ (which includes other Scouting products) at www.scoutshops.com.
You can also buy from
20a Front Street
NE42 5HN
Tel: 01661 831112 …

What is the Exec?

1 Nov 2012

The Exec or Group Executive Committee are the chariatable trustees of 4th Morpeth Scout Group
The Group Executive is made up of four types of members:

Ex-officio members have a role on the Committee due to their role in Scouting. These include: Group Scout Leader,  Group Chairman, Group Treasurer, Group Secretary, All Section Leaders (i.e. individuals holding a Beaver Scout Leader, Cub …

What is a GSL, SL, CSL, BSL etc?

1 Oct 2012

Although we work hard to try and make Scouting as transparent as possible, there are certain terms that are used by those involved that can sometime be confusing. Here is an explanation of a few of them:
GSL – Group Scout Leader, the “manager” of the 4th Morpeth Scout Group
SL – Scout Leader, the leader in charge of your child’s Scout …

How do I make a complaint?

1 Sep 2012

We hope that everyone who comes into contact with Scouting will have a positive experience. However, it is inevitable that on occasion, concerns may arise that require investigation.
It is the policy of The Scout Association to have a fair and open process for dealing with concerns and complaints raised by members and non-members that directly affect them or their children …